It is hydrophobic coating for plastic and metal parts of all RC models. This nanotechnology liquid may coat 100% surfaces of any RC car, boat, plane or helicopter model if necessary. After carefully coating any RC model water and grease won’t be able to stick to the surfaces resulting that mud, sand, dirt and other debris won’t stick to the model either. The dirt which still may stick to the model will come off more easily because protection coating also provides easy cleaning effect. Depending on usage of RC model, surfaces will stay protected up to one year. One bottle of protective coating contains 50ml (1.7oz) which will be enough to cover up to 10 square meters (107 sq. f.). That means with one bottle it is possible to protect quite large collection of RC models.

  • Repels water and grease
  • Provides long lasting effect
  • Coating is non slippery and invisible
  • Enough to cover up to 10 sq. m.
  • Provides easy cleaning effect

CAUTION! Temperature must be +5⁰C – +40⁰C when coating. Keep Container always well shut. Use in a well ventilated area. Keep out of reach of children.

Preparation of surface and usage of product:
The surface has to be clean, dry and oil, grease free. Spray the surface with moderate quantity of protective coating liquid and buff in the surface. Leave RC model to dry for 5 minutes and then polish with a provided microfiber cloth. Application temperature above +5⁰C. Leave model for 4 hours in order protective coating could bond with a surface completely.
One bottle of protective coating is enough to cover up to 10 square meters (or 100 sq. f.), that means it is possible to protect not only one RC model.

  • Protection coating

    Protection Coating for plastic and metal surfaces

    For: Plastic and metal surfaces
    Quantity: 50 ml or 1.7 oz
    Shipping weight: 120 grams

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