Here at Dusty Motors we design, create, manufacture and sell products. We control each and every step, from idea to a shipping of an order to our customer. That is why our products meets highest quality standards.

For today our product range is as follows: shroud covers by model, which are designated to fit a particular model. Those are made to fit perfectly to a specific RC electric off-road model.

Available colors for all range: Black, Blue, Red, Green

Range of shroud covers by model:

  • Traxxas models: Stammpede 4×4 VXL, Telluride 4×4, Slash 4×4, Slash 2WD, E-Revo/Summit, 1/10 Rally, E-Maxx, Rustler/Bandit and all 1/16 scale models
  • Thunder Tiger models: 1/8 scale MT4-G3, ER4-G3, ST4-G3
  • HPI models: 1/8 Savage Flux HP

Universal adjustable shroud covers are designated to fit a large range of other RC electric models. Those shroud covers come in 8 different sizes in order to fit various scale and shape chassis.

All Dusty Motors’ shrouds are strong, durable and efficient. They ensure good-quality air flow so your model’s electrical components stay cool. VELCRO® tape is included with each shroud, so you can easily attach it to your model. Our shrouds are handmade by skilled European craftsmen who use the highest quality materials available. And each shroud goes through a very strict quality inspection before being declared ready for shipping. That’s why we’re confident you’ll be pleased with the performance you get from a Dusty Motors’ shroud.

Main features of a shrouds:

  • Shroud comes with a zipper
  • Genuine adhesive VELCRO® tape included
  • Shock absorber cover included
  • All the shrouds are hand made with a very strict quality inspection

When purchasing any shroud cover there will be shock absorber cover included into the package. Shock absorber cover comes in one long piece, so it could be cut into lengths that particular shock absorbers require. Cover is made from elastic material in order to fit shock absorbers of different diameters. One length of a cover will be enough for 4-8 shock absorbers, depending on a length of one. Universal shroud package will include two lengths, enough for 8-16 covers.